About Me

Welcome to Inventiveness of a Millennial!


Are you a twenty-something who’s just trying to figure out life but wants to have some fun along the way?

You’re in the right place.

I graduated from college a couple years ago. Throughout that first year, I struggled with trying to figure what I wanted to do with my life and feeling like I needed to have it figured out. Right. Now. That involved a lot of  stressed and getting down on myself when I looked at friends who had way more of a plan that I did.

So I stopped trying. Stopped trying to have all the answers and just focused on having fun. Everyday.  I started doing things just because they made me happy: trying new things, being more comfortable doing things alone, saying “oh, why not?” My “life plan” has changed over and over, and I realized that I was much happier when I had a plan that was open to changes and set backs. Sometimes what you set out to do does not go as planned or, even if it does, can turn out to not be what you thought you wanted.

You try something (or a lot of things) until you find something you love. There are countless struggles along the way (which often turn into funny stories to tell  later). But there are things that I tried that I never thought that I would try and ended up loving them (and the reverse ended up being true too). Sometimes having no plan and being willing to try anything that comes across your path can be a great plan. If nothing else you never have to wonder “what if” because you tried it and now know.

If you’re looking for a blog with all the answer, by somebody who has it all figured out, you must look elsewhere. Because that is so not me. But if you’re looking for posts about trying to figure out this crazy thing called life and not taking it too seriously (more emphasis on laughing at your mistakes and moving than trying to figure what the hell went wrong) then you’ll fit right in.