Bucket List

bucket list pageEvery year I try to have a bucket list. I’m not a huge fan of resolutions. Resolution makes it sounds like something that you have to do which takes all of the fun out of it. Bucket List, on the other hand, makes it sound like something fun and exciting that you GET to do. It’s a more of a challenge than a requirement (which is great for anyone who has any competitive drive). The “I bet you can’t get all these fun things done” type of challenge.  And I love a challenge.

This year, I tried something different. Every year I make a bucket list for that one year. It worked well when I was in college and was only thinking about a year at a time. But now that I’m out of college I find myself thinking of long-term plans.

Time for a “This is everything I want to do in my lifetime” type bucket list.

.It’s a giant undertaking and it will always be growing (mostly because I love trying new things and am constantly thinking of new things that I want to try). You can find the whole list here. 

But half the fun of trying these fun things is sharing those experiences, showing pictures of your trips and telling the stories of your experiences. Many of my ideas came from reading other blogs about bucket lists and travel. Here is where you can find mine. I broke up my bucket list into two categories: experiences and places. Experiences is all those things that I want to try from running a marathon to going skydiving. Those posts can be found here. The places posts are exactly what it sounds like, all the fun places where I’ve traveled. Some places will have multiple posts depending on how much I did while I was there. Those can be found here.

Don’t forget to check back since I’m always adding to my list and am always trying something new.